The Movement for Local Food Procurement

30 May 2015 |
The Movement for Local Food Procurement

Food procurement—how and from whom food is purchased—matters when it comes to ensuring the health and well-being for millions of families, workers, and consumers. Local Food Procurement improves access to healthy food for low-income families and communities of color and also creates good, quality jobs resulting in significant benefits to workers including increased wealth, quality of life, and purchasing power for food, shelter, and healthcare.

A movement to purchase locally, fairly, and sustainably grown healthy food is beginning to build momentum—and these efforts are already helping families gain better access to healthy food, creating quality food system-related jobs, and supporting local entrepreneurship. Cities such as Los Angeles, Oakland, and Chicago and states like Vermont are leading the way to enact equitable procurement policies that benefit low-income entrepreneurs of color, small family farmers, and sustainable agriculture, while providing consumers access to healthy food.

The Local Food Procurement tool below, as part of our Equitable Development Toolkit, outlines the economic, food system, environmental, and public health benefits to local food procurement. It also lifts up various state legislation, key players, and local organizations involved in this ever-expanding movement.

Hear more about these policies and programs on the Local Food Procurement 101 webinar, Wednesday, June 17, 2:00pmET. Register today.

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