The Curb-Cut Effect, Equity is NOT a zero-sum game

19 Dec 2016 | Angela Glover Blackwell
The Curb-Cut Effect, Equity is NOT a zero-sum game

I’m pleased to share my article,“The Curb-Cut Effect,” the cover story in the latest issue of the Stanford Social Innovation Review.

As we look forward to 2017, the spirit of the curb-cut effect will be ever present in our work. Advancing equity to create a society where all can participate, prosper, and achieve their full potential is the number-one PolicyLink goal. Equity is not a zero-sum game. Indeed, equity is the only antidote to inequality. Everyone wins when circumstances are created that allow those left behind to participate and contribute fully. Policies designed to benefit the most vulnerable, those living in low-income communities, and communities of color, can help everyone.  
Providing policy advocacy support, resources, and tools is essential to the way we do our work. We would be honored if you choose to make a contribution to our efforts.
With best holiday wishes,

Angela Glover Blackwell
PolicyLink Founder and CEO