PolicyLink believes equity is the key to America’s economic prosperity — now and in the future.

Our framing paper for the fourth national Equity Summit, America’s Tomorrow: Equity Is the Superior Growth Model, laid out the economic case for equity, describing how as America quickly becomes a majority people-of-color nation, our economic fate hinges on ensuring that communities of color can participate and contribute as workers, entrepreneurs, innovators, consumers, and leaders. The paper shared examples of communities already implementing win-win strategies for equity and growth and how these strategies can be deepened, replicated, and supported by policy.

At the Summit, nearly 3,000 equity leaders discussed these ideas, beginning a new national dialogue around the notion that equity, inclusion, and fairness are not only moral imperatives but will be the drivers of a strong, globally competitive American economy in the decades to come.

Advocates and policymakers working in diverse places and on many issues – job access and training, transportation and housing, boys and men of color, criminal justice and immigration reform, community colleges, access to healthy food, and more – are now using this frame to mobilize support for their policy ideas.

PolicyLink has continued to build the economic case for equity, partnering with the Center for American Progress to produce All-In Nation: An America that Works for All, partnering with the Service Employees International Union to convene policy leaders to discuss the equitable economy policy agenda, and partnering with many local leaders who are working to develop plans and strategies to foster equitable growth.

In October 2014, we released the National Equity Atlas, a first-of-its-kind web resource for the data and tools community leaders and policymakers need to track, measure, and advance the policies to achieve inclusive growth in America’s regions, states, and nationwide. The Atlas was expanded to share data for the 100 largest cities in October 2015.

Our latest endeavor is All-In Cities, an initiative to empower city officials, community advocates, and other civic leaders with the policy ideas, data, and hands-on assistance they need to advance racial economic inclusion and equitable growth. We released the framing paper, All-In Cities: Building an Equitable Economy from the Ground Up, at Equity Summit 2015 in Los Angeles October 27-29 (view the plenary video here). The first engagement as a part of this new initiative is in Pittsburgh, where we are working with local community development leaders Neighborhood Allies and Urban Innovation 21 to develop an equitable development policy agenda for the city. Sign up at to learn more about the initiative as it develops.

A movement for an equitable economy is afoot, and PolicyLink hopes to fuel it by continuing to build a shared narrative about the economic imperative of equity, providing leaders with relevant data and analysis, advancing policy ideas and solutions, and developing new models of inclusive economic growth.

Please explore the work. For an overview, read the short primer, Equity Is the Superior Growth Model for an All-In Nation.