Mildred Thompson

Mildred Thompson is a consultant, trainer, and advocate working with others to change environments, systems, and policies to promote good health and enhance quality of life for all. As owner of MT Consulting and Design, Mildred seeks to identify resources, supports, and innovative practices that can lead to positive change. At the core of her work is the belief that everyone benefits from a more equitable, inclusive, and health-promoting society.

Thompson previously worked for PolicyLink as senior director, leading numerous health equity projects for more than 15 years. Prior to PolicyLink, she served as Alameda County's director of Community Health Services, executive director of Oakland Healthy Start, and director of San Antonio Health Center. With degrees in nursing, psychology, and social work, Mildred has worked as an organizational development consultant, therapist, and has taught at Mills College and San Francisco State University.

Thompson has served on several national boards and commissions. She is also a textile artist.