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In the face of massive displacement pressures—the byproduct of the Bay Area’s white-hot tech economy—a powerful community-labor coalition secured a significant victory for Oakland renters this month.

The Development Without Displacement art show will highlight works focusing on neighborhood revitalization efforts that aim to protect the city's vulnerable low-income residents from displacement, eviction, and alienation.

PolicyLink in the News

Shared Value & Equity

Angela Glover Blackwell, president and CEO of PolicyLink, recently spoke at the 6th Annual Shared Value Leadership Summit in New York – where over 400 in-person attendees and 1,500 online viewers took part in idea-generating labs on innovative business solutions and shared value approaches, and heard inspiring stories from business leaders. Blackwell outlined the growing business imperative to consider equity and inclusion into products and services (forward to the 5 minute mark).

Focus Areas

Delivering the promise of equity requires attention to people and places, which are integrally connected. PolicyLink focus areas underscore this commitment to people and place, recognizing that a full range of opportunities are essential for all to succeed, thrive, and prosper.

Equity Summit 2015

At Equity Summit 2015 -- our 5th summit -- 3,000 diverse stakeholders shared insights, forged new collaborations, and strategized around some of the nation’s most intractable challenges.

As cities come back, leaders must bake equity and inclusion into their growth strategies. This paper shares cross-cutting practices and an eight-point policy framework to build equitable, thriving cities. Read about it and the initiative at All-In Cities page.

Read the post "Obama Administration Announces New Pilot to Help Disconnected Youth at Equity Summit 2015"; the announcement was made as part of the All-In Cities plenary, at Equity Summit 2015.


Equity Blog featured a dozen first-person accounts of Equity Summit 2015. Each guest blog post focused on a particular session, plenary, or workshop — offering insights into and reflectiosn on the Summit experience. See Summit Snapshot: Race, Place, and Datasets: Harnessing Disaggregated Data for Policy Wins and Summit Snapshot: The Future of Equity in Place, Race, and Economy.

It begins by joining together, believing in the potency of inclusion, and building from a common bond. It embraces complexity as cause for collaboration, accepting that our fates are inextricable.

It recognizes local leaders as national leaders, nurturing the wisdom and creativity within every community as essential to solving the nation’s problems...

Read full manifesto.