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Pathways Out of Poverty

In an effort to share our research with our constituents, PolicyLink continues to report—often in conjunction with partners—around equitable strategies that can help all Americans prosper. By "Lifting Up What Works" and spreading the stories of effective change on the ground, we highlight proven efforts to improve communities and support the work needed to replicate those efforts.

Pathways Out of Poverty for Vulnerable Californians: Policies that Prepare the Workforce for Middle-Skill Infrastructure Jobs

This report, authored by Victor Rubin, PolicyLink Vice President, and Rubén Lizardo, Associate Director, examines the growing demand for "middle-skill" jobs – those requiring more than a high school diploma but less than a bachelor’s degree – within the state’s infrastructure sector. Their research identified at least 773, 611 current middle-skill, high-paying jobs across the state, a crucial stepping stone to the middle-class for many low-income workers or people of color.

The report also highlights proven programs that are helping expand job opportunities for low-income, undereducated young Californians and providing new skills for workers displaced by the recession.

Lastly, Pathways out of Poverty closely examines the challenges facing low-income people and communities of color, for whom access to jobs, quality education, and job-training programs has been scarce; and offers recommendations to help California improve its community college system.

Download the Full Report (PDF)