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Improving Access to Healthy Food

Improving Access to Healthy Food

Healthy food access is a focus area at the PolicyLink Center for Health and Place. Launched in 2007, the Center incorporates research and actions into policy initiatives to ensure that everyone—especially low-income people and people of color—can live, work, and play in healthy neighborhoods.  

For decades, low-income urban and rural communities have faced limited opportunities to purchase healthy food. Often without cars or convenient public transportation options, low-income residents in these areas must rely for much of their shopping on expensive, fatty, processed foods sold at convenience/corner stores. But there are signs of change. Community advocates, policymakers, and other stakeholders are advancing a growing number of innovative programs and policies that are turning the tide, providing access to affordable healthy foods. 

To improve access to healthy food in underserved low-income communities and communities of color, PolicyLink is Lifting Up What Works™ -- highlighting community innovations so other communities can benefit from these models, insights, and strategies; engaging in local, state, and federal advocacy campaigns to help communities transform food deserts into food oases; conducting research to make the case for change and maximize impact; and supporting community-driven advocacy and implementation efforts.

Also, Visit the nation’s first comprehensive Healthy Food Access Portal to find resources designed to improve healthy food access in communities, build local economies, and enhance public health.