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Boys and Men of Color

Boys and Men of Color

Our nation's future depends on everyone having a fair chance to thrive and succeed. One of the best investments we can make is to be certain we do everything possible to help young people become healthy, productive adults. As our country becomes more diverse, we must nurture and harness the talents, skills, and hopes of young people of color — boys and young men in particular. As a leader in equity advocacy, PolicyLink is engaged in both state and national level work aimed at improving outcomes for boys and men of color.

In California, PolicyLink is working with The California Endowment, youth, community, and system leaders to advance policy and system change that can benefit boys and men of color (BMOC). This work includes leading and supporting the Alliance for Boys and Men of Color and the Alliance's partnership with the California Assembly Select Committee on the Status of Boys and Men of Color.

With campaigns in Oakland, Fresno, and Los Angeles, and a growing number of allies in other communities throughout the state, the Alliance for BMOC is poised to launch and sustain new advocacy to improve the health and success of boys and men of color.  The Alliance was the principal partner to the highly successful Select Committee process and has already contributed to policy wins that will reduce the high numbers of BMOC that are suspended and expelled from California schools.  Alliance leaders and partners are in the process of identifying policy campaigns it will support or lead over the next 18 months.  Education will continue to be of great importance.  Alliance partner will play stronger roles in advocacy related to health, employment, juvenile justice and saftey. 

The Alliance is working to ensure that California’s boys and young men of color:

  • Are physically and mentally healthy;
  • Live in safe neighborhoods;
  • Succeed in school and work; and
  • Possess the knowledge, skills, and leadership capacity to contribute to their families, communities, and the state’s social and economic well-being.

Visit The Alliance for Boys and Men of Color website here: