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Equity Atlanta is a network of organizations forwarding an agenda for equity and shared prosperity in the 21 county Atlanta region. Equity Atlanta’s goals include influencing growth and development decisions using the equitable development framework, promoting opportunities for inclusiveness and regional competitiveness, and supporting a cadre of multigenerational leaders to advance this work.

In partnerships with PolicyLink and Emory University’s Office of University-Community Partnerships, Equity Atlanta is working to highlight the equity implications of recovery investments in the Atlanta region. Through forums, presentations, and policy analysis, Equity Atlanta is educating stakeholders in the Atlanta region about the importance of ensuring that lower-income people and communities of color benefit from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

To view materials from the Equity Atlanta forum Recovering Stronger: Building an Agenda for Shared Prosperity in the Atlanta Region click here. With over 200 people in attendance at the Forum, representing diverse organizations and sectors, the event generated considerable interest and momentum for collaboration across disciplines and advocacy around transparency and accountability.

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