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The Diverging Demographics of Seniors and Youth



America's tomorrow is today.

Newly released Census data on race/ethnicity by age illustrates our rapid demographic transformation.

Nationally, 80 percent of seniors are white and only in a few counties are most seniors people of color. But the younger population looks vastly different: the majority of babies born in the last two years were nonwhite, and across the country—from our largest cities to suburbs, small towns, and rural areas—young Americans are increasingly people of color.

The diverse young population is the key to our future prosperity, but a growing generational gap is placing their future—and all of ours—at risk. Too many of today's elders and decision-makers do not see themselves reflected in the next generation, and are not making investments in the same educational systems and community infrastructure that enabled their own success. America's longstanding racial gap has become a true generational gap: all children—regardless of their race—will suffer if we do not choose to make investments that create the conditions for the next generation to reach its full potential.

We must all work to bridge these divides, and invest in a prosperous future for all. Learn more about how we are doing that here at
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A New Generation Gap? The Diverging Demographics of Seniors and Youth from PolicyLink on Vimeo.

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