Ursula Lindsey

Staff Attorney

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Ursula Lindsey, Staff Attorney, works with the economic equity arm of the PolicyLink Legal team to implement and enforce existing community benefit agreements (CBAs), as well as negotiate new CBAs. CBAs are legally enforceable private contracts that hold large-scale developers accountable to the communities they impact. Through this tool, community coalitions are empowered to negotiate for and enforce developers’ community benefits commitments. In exchange for community support of the project, developers commit to community benefits such as: local hiring, affordable housing, and relocation packages for displaced people.

Prior to joining PolicyLink, Ursula worked with the San Francisco Public Defenders Office where she worked closely with incarcerated defendants. She interned with Red Light Legal, a small nonprofit that provides direct legal services to adult consensual sex workers. Ursula was also a summer associate at the Law Office of Siegel and Yee, where she aided in the development of a class action lawsuit challenging conditions of confinement at San Quentin’s Adjustment Center (Death Row). Ursula received her B.A. in English from University of California, Berkeley and her law degree with a concentration in Social Justice from University of California, Hastings College of the Law. Ursula is a yogi, poet, and musician who loves spending time with her daughter Joe.