The antidote to inequality.


The superior growth model.


Not a zero-sum game.


Just and fair inclusion.


Innovating for the most vulnerable benefits everyone.

As the nation moves toward becoming majority people of color, achieving equity—just and fair inclusion into a society in which all can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential—is the moral imperative, a potent antidote to inequality, and the superior growth model.

Our Work

Through the approach of Lifting Up What Works, our programmatic initiatives are organized within three interlocking, mutually reinforcing areas of work.  Through these initiatives, we advance policies to enable everyone to participate in an equitable economy, live in a community of opportunity, and thrive in a just society.


Equity in Action

From progressive legislation to grassroots organizing and advocacy, from philanthropic efforts to socially responsible businesses, we spotlight leading-edge examples of equity in action. The people, practices and policies highlighted in this section are innovative and time-tested examples of what works in communities across the nation. 



“ Instead of trying to outdo each other on tax cuts and other subsidies, cities should invest in strategies that will attract and sustain economic activity over the long-term, and that focus on training that opens up workforce opportunities widely.”

— Angela Glover Blackwell