Community Engagement Guide for Sustainable Communities


Describes the Sustainable Communities Initiative, where communities are catalyzing new networks of relationships, finding new problem-solving methods, and creating new inclusive decision-making tables to craft an authentic vision for an equitable and prosperous future.

Building Economic Resilience: Integrated Planning and Investment Grants

California Unincorporated: Mapping Disadvantaged Communities in the San Joaquin Valley (Technical Guide)


This technical guide provides a step-by-step detailed account of technical mapping methods and additional sources for data, and will help those interested in replicating this model.

California Unincorporated: Mapping Disadvantaged Communities in the San Joaquin Valley


Describes new methods for identifying, measuring, and mapping disadvantaged unincorporated communities and a first account of the findings from applying these new methods to the San Joaquin Valley.

Advancing Environmental Justice through Sustainability Planning (Executive Summary)


Explains why addressing environmental justice (EJ) is a key aspect of creating sustainable regions, and presents ways in which those involved in local and regional planning can achieve EJ in their communities.

Fair Housing and Equity Assessment Roles and Responsibilities Guide

An Equitable Food System


Part of a series of issue briefs dedicated to helping community leaders and policymakers bolster their campaigns and strategies with the economic case for equity.

Community-Based Participatory Research: A Strategy for Building Healthy Communities and Promoting Health through Policy Change


Combines lessons and best practices from around the country with insights drawn from case studies, provides background and context, along with promising practices and sample resources and tools to assist local leaders in planning their own CB PR-inspired projects.

Growing Urban Agriculture: Equitable Strategies and Policies for Improving Access to Healthy Food and Revitalizing Communities (Full Report)


A vibrant movement is changing the landscape, economic outlook, and vitality of cities across the country. The recent recession affected many low income communities -- taking with it manufacturing centers, jobs, and people while leaving behind abandoned homes and vacant lots. Now a new crop of urban farmers, along with activists, and community organizations are turning that land into productive use and turning around their communities.