The Work for Our Generation: Reimagining Communities of Opportunities for All


Published in the journal of Academic Pediatrics, this paper serves as a framing piece to ground the medical community in the current state of poverty and how it affects children and families. This resource can be utilized to help doctors and policy leaders at local, state, and national levels understand and address all the facets of childhood poverty.

Aligning for Impact: Connecting Promise Neighborhoods and the Cradle-to-Career Civic Infrastructure


The Promise Neighborhoods Institute at PolicyLink and the Strive National Network collaborated to produce a white paper on strategies for aligning these two important education efforts in communities.

Primer and Directory on Evidence-Based Practice


The Promise Neighborhoods Institute at PolicyLink created this document to flesh out the meaning of evidence-based practice (EBP), the idea to invest resources and energy in programs, services, and explore policies with empirical evidence demonstrating success. Increasingly, funders are encouraging grantees to use these evidence-based approaches. The Promise Neighborhoods program exemplifies this shift.

Promise Neighborhood Investment Readiness Criteria


To support sustaining local leader’s efforts, to achieve collective impact by improving the educational and developmental outcomes for poor children in America, the Promise Neighborhoods Institute at PolicyLink (PNI) is working to attract additional investment to network member’s Promise Neighborhood cradle-to-career continuum of solutions. Network members meeting ALL of the criteria described below may submit requests for funding to their peers.

PNI’s Model Legislation to support Cradle to Career Efforts


In the summer of 2014, The Promise Neighborhoods Institute at PolicyLink (PNI) introduced model legislation to be used at the state and local level to secure support for cradle to career efforts. The Cradle to Career Act of 201_ secures funding for innovative, results-based, and comprehensive continua of solutions that connect children and youth to a high quality education and key health and social services that prepare them to succeed in college and in their careers. The legislation was intentionally drafted in a manner that it may be used to support various strategies that advance educational outcomes from cradle through college and career.

If you have questions, or would like to discuss the legislation in greater detail, please contact Lisa Cylar Miller, Deputy Director of the Promise Neighborhoods Institute at PolicyLink. She may be reached via email at or via phone at 202-906-8016.