• July 07, 2011 | KQED Radio

    Oakland's Black Flight

    The Black population of Oakland has declined nearly 25 percent in the past decade, and for children, the rate is even higher. The decline of African-Americans in cities is a national trend. Why are African-Americans leaving, and what does it mean for Oakland?

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  • July 07, 2011 | Harvest Public Media

    A Cultural Disconnect

    No frozen or pre-prepared ingredients. And you can smell how fresh the garlic and basil is from several feet away. Who’s eating here? Mostly so-called “foodies,” people willing and able to pay $19 to dine on thin-crust pizza topped with local mushrooms.
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  • July 07, 2011 | Huffington Post

    Is Our Racial Gap Becoming a Generation Gap?

    Since our founding, older Americans have sacrificed significantly to ensure that future generations grow up in a nation rich with promise and opportunity. But now, with talk of cutbacks to education, Medicaid, public transportation and critical infrastructure, many are reneging on this...

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  • July 07, 2011 | The Florida Times-Union

    Food Deserts Can Bloom - and One State Shows the Way

    Last month, when the Times-Union published a story about how the U.S. Department of Agriculture found that food deserts were abundant in Jacksonville and I followed up with a column, a few readers opined that trying to open supermarkets in depressed areas of town was a losing business proposition.

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