Angela Glover Blackwell Named to Federal Reserve Board Community Advisory Council

PolicyLink is pleased to announce that Angela Glover Blackwell has been named to the newly created Community Advisory Council (CAC) of the Federal Reserve Board.

The CAC is composed of individuals with consumer- and community development-related expertise who will provide information, advice, and recommendations to the Board on a wide range of relevant policy matters and emerging issues of interest.

From its inception, PolicyLink has maintained that the nation cannot achieve equity—just and fair inclusion into a society where all can participate, prosper, and achieve their full potential—until the economy is fully inclusive.

“The Federal Reserve plays a key role in determining whether the nation achieves full employment and a healthy economy that delivers jobs and rising wages to the communities still waiting for the recovery to reach them. I am excited to have the opportunity to inform monetary policy with the aim to create an equitable and inclusive American economy.”

The first meeting of the CAC will be held in Washington, DC on November 20, 2015. A summary of the meeting will be posted shortly thereafter.