PolicyLink Applauds President Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration

Last night President Obama stepped to the podium to make an historic statement.  He outlined a plan to address issues created by unprecedented numbers of immigrants and by the absence of comprehensive immigration reform.
For this, he should be applauded. His is a common sense solution to ongoing U.S. immigration challenges. The Executive Order President Obama described does not address all of the nation’s immigration ills. But it will bring millions of hard-working individuals, who are already woven into the fabric of communities across the nation, out of the shadows and keep millions of families together.

In his eloquent reminder that everyone was once a stranger, the President reminded us that the United States was founded on ideals to embrace immigrants and provide opportunity to all.  That such principles are not always upheld should not negate the aspiration. Indeed, it should encourage us to work harder to realize such aspirational heights.
Opponents to comprehensive immigration reform blindly ignore the important role immigrants play in the country’s future economic success. At PolicyLink, we are proud of the President for taking this bold step towards equity and look forward to Congress enacting comprehensive reform that will provide a pathway to citizenship for aspiring Americans.


Angela Glover Blackwell
Angela Glover Blackwell