Mildred Thompson Retiring from PolicyLink

After 17 years at PolicyLink Mildred Thompson, Senior Director and Director of the PolicyLink Center for Health Equity and Place, will retire on July 29.
Over the course of her exemplary career, Mildred has been a nurse, social worker, educator, consultant, and executive leader of several community health centers and programs. She has shared her expansive knowledge through publications and speaking engagements and brought her knowledge and experience to committees of institutions such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Institute of Medicine, as well as to organizational boards, such as The Zellerbach Foundation.

PolicyLink, Mildred helped establish the PolicyLink Center for Health Equity and Place, and guided the health team in focusing on the role of race and place in health: how where someone lives determines their connection to opportunity; the importance of access to healthy food; why the built environment matters; and the systemic integration of health equity.  
As she plans her future, Mildred intends to stay actively engaged in the health equity movement where she has been a leader. And she also plans to indulge her passions for writing, creating textile art, and travel. 
Our very best wishes follow Mildred into the next phase of her stellar career.