Local and National Transportation Organizations Join Forces for Transportation Equity

The Transportation Equity Caucus – a coalition of over 100 organizations dedicated to advancing equitable transit policies, is excited to announce eight new partners. Co-chaired by PolicyLink and The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, the Caucus focuses on charting a new course for transportation investments, and continues to lift-up ways to prioritize equity in surface transportation investments.

Our new partners hail from all over the country – from Alaska to Louisiana to the Caucus’ home base in Washington D.C. – and will provide invaluable insight into local and regional transportation issues. Please join us in welcoming these new additions to the Transportation Equity Caucus:

9to5 is a national membership organization of women dedicated to strengthening women’s ability to work for equal opportunity and economic justice.

“Affordable, accessible, efficient and safe public transit can be the great connector between low-wage women and women of color with the education, employment, housing, child care, medical care, and services that will improve their quality of life. 9to5 advocates for transit systems built for those who need them the most.” – Linda Meric, National Executive Director, 9to5

Alaska Mobility Coalition is a membership organization that represents Alaska’s public, private, and community transit providers and is working to achieve mobility for all Alaskans. The Coalition works toward this goal by promoting safe and cost-effective transportation, and sustainable and coordinated transportation services across the state.

Bike Easy is a volunteer-driven organization working with advocates, local organizations, and government agencies to make navigating roads in New Orleans, Louisiana easy, safe, and fun for pedestrians, bikers, and drivers.

Citizens Planning and Housing Association has a 70-year legacy of providing community support in Baltimore, Maryland. It has been a major catalyst for civic action and continues to bring about a healthy, inclusive Baltimore with economically vibrant communities and opportunity for all people.  

"To build communities that provide access to opportunity for all people, there must be quality transit options that connect people to jobs and resources. Great neighborhoods require great public transportation.” – Steve Holt, Citizens Planning and Housing Association

Mile High Connects is a partnership of private, public and non-profit organizations that works to ensure the regional transit system in Denver, Colorado fosters communities that offer everyone with access to opportunity for a high quality life.

“Mile High Connects is working with and advocating for low-income communities and communities of color in the Metro Denver region to ensure access to affordable housing, good paying jobs, quality education, and healthy places." – Dace West, Mile High Connects

National Action Network is a leading civil rights organization, with members working to promote a modern civil rights agenda that promotes justice, decency and equal opportunities for all people regardless of race, religion, nationality or gender.

Ride New Orleans is an organization based in New Orleans, Louisiana that is enhancing the quality of life of residents across the region by promoting safe, convenient, and affordable transportation options.

“Public transportation infrastructure and service is key to New Orleans' long-term post-Katrina recovery. As residents return and newcomers make their way to the city, the opportunity exists to not just rebuild the transit system we once had, but to expand our vision to think regionally and create new opportunities for all New Orleanians to access opportunities safely, conveniently and affordably." – Rachel Heiligman, Ride New Orleans

Vehicles for Change is an organization working throughout the Washington D.C. region to empower families with financial challenges to achieve economic and personal independence through car ownership and technical training.

 “The lack of transportation locks low income families into a life of poverty with little to no options for escape. Too many low income households face this problem daily across the U.S. Until we find a multipronged affordable, family friendly, effective transportation solution these families will continue to face a life of financial struggles.” – Marty Schwartz, Vehicles for Change

The Equity Caucus welcomes these new members! We encourage you to learn more about them and our other members. We look forward to continuing to build support for equitable transportation investments in 2015. If you would like join the movement to advance an equitable transportation agenda, please visit www.equitycaucus.org.