Two More Black Deaths

Philando Castile of Falcon Heights, Minnesota.
Alton Sterling of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 
Two more names in two more cities—two more Black men shot to death by local policemen.  Their senseless killings leave two more groups of loved ones, families, and friends bereaved, shedding tears, holding one another close. These horrific acts mark two more times when African Americans and all who believe in justice and fairness feel the emotional and psychological trauma of police violence and ask: Why does this keep happening?
In recent years, despite frequent demands for an end to excessive force and for justice department investigations, the deaths of Black boys and men at the hands of those hired to protect and serve continue.  Saying that enough is enough is simply not enough.
Solutions exist but the will to act is missing.
Numerous reports make clear what is needed:  transparency, justice, and police accountability.  Yet here we are again, experiencing shock and outrage and asking, “what can I do?”  Here are steps for immediate action: