The Time for Action is NOW... #STOPGorsuch

Yesterday, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted (11-9) to send the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the full Senate for a vote. The vote could happen as early as this Thursday.

This nomination is important to the lives of EVERY American as the rulings of the Supreme Court have profound and widespread impact for generations.  As the highest Court in the country, the Supreme Court is vital to ensuring that the Constitution and laws of this nation protect the rights of ALL Americans.

Judge Gorsuch’s judicial record shows a pattern of decision making that puts the rights and protections for workers, women, people of color, immigrants, the disabled, those in the criminal justice system, the LGBTQ community, consumers, and others AT RISK. You can read detailed materials regarding Judge Gorsuch’s record here.

This is a critical time in the history of our nation. The actions taken by the Trump Administration in its first few months in office are real threats to the values that undergird our country. The Supreme Court should serve as an independent backstop and guardian for these values.  We cannot allow the appointment of a Justice who will not honor this role by upholding critical American values.

Republican Senators have indicated what they’ll do if they are unable to obtain the 60 votes necessary to confirm Judge Gorsuch. They will work to change the Senate rules by lowering the number of votes needed for confirmation.  Every Supreme Court Justice now on the bench was subject to the same 60-vote rule for confirmation.  There should be no change now to enable Judge Gorsuch to be confirmed with fewer votes.


  • Call your Senators TODAY toll free at 1-888-877-2040 -- tell them to vote NO on the Gorsuch nomination and to vote NO on changing the rules for this nominee!
  • Make a call to your Senator every day to tell her/him that you DO NOT support the appointment of a Supreme Court Justice who will not support the rights of all people and that you DO NOT support changing the rules!
  • Encourage your neighbors, friends, co-workers, and family members to also make the call. THIS IS CRUCIAL. ACT NOW TO STOP THIS NOMINATION!


Want to know more, read the articles below and then CALL YOUR SENATOR toll free at 1-888-877-2040!