Trump’s Actions are Just Wrong

For a nation that has relied on the labor of immigrants, many of whom voluntarily left behind their countries of origin to seek a better life in the United States, it is ironic and detestable to be confronted by presidential actions aimed at preventing those fleeing war and poverty from seeking a similar kind of refuge for their families.  Yet, here we are.  With driving urgency, Latinos, Syrians, and others are fleeing to the United States.  Yet with the stroke of a pen, a door can be slammed in their faces.

Donald Trump’s declaration to build walls, bar immigrants, and increase deportations acts against the values which are at the very core of the United States of America. This country is a country of immigrants.  Immigrants contribute to the economic, cultural, and social fabric of this country. The president’s actions on immigration are a slap in the face to the gift that many bring from other shores.

While the president moves forward with actions rooted in bigotry and fear, many local elected officials are choosing to stand up for their neighbors. Mayors and city council members and school boards across the country are choosing to stand up for what is right — ensuring that residents do not face undue bigotry or prejudice based on their skin color, their faith, or their country of origin.

PolicyLink decries the president’s actions and urges reconsideration.  The country would be nothing if not for the historic contributions made by those who have arrived here from a myriad of other places.