Initiating and Formalizing Strong Data Sharing Partnerships with School Districts

Participants will hear from colleagues who have successfully initiated, nurtured, and formalized healthy data-sharing relationships with their local school districts. Discussion will highlight the adaptive and technical challenges to not only securing formal partnerships, but also strategies for encouraging a universal culture of results within the partnership. Featured Speakers: -- Jessica Pizarek, PolicyLink (moderator) -- Jose Mireles, Chula Vista Promise Neighborhood -- Monica Martin, Chula Vista Promise Neighborhood

Featured Speakers:

  • Sarita Turner, PolicyLink (moderator)
  • Dwayne Marsh, Government Alliance on Race & Equity (GARE)
  • Harriet Tregoning, Former Head, Community Planning Development, HUD
  • Paul D'Angelo, Cape Fear Housing Coalition, Tribute Companies, Inc.
  • Suzanne E. Rogers, City of Wilmington
  • Verner Lamar Wilson, V. Lamar Wilson Associates, Inc.
  • Catherine Califano, City of Philadelphia -
  • Coleman McClain, City of Kansas
  • Gloria Ortiz Fisher, Westside Housing