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In an effort to share our research with our constituents, PolicyLink continues to report—often in conjunction with partners—around equitable strategies that can help all Americans prosper. By "Lifting Up What Works" and spreading the stories of effective change on the ground, we highlight proven efforts to improve communities and support the work needed to replicate those efforts.

Policy Agenda


California's Tomorrow: Equity is the Superior Growth Model

Long at the cutting edge of the nation’s demographic transformation, California continues to grow more racially and ethnically diverse. This diversity will be the key to the state’s future economic success—if its leaders take immediate and decisive action to increase fairness and opportunity.

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PolicyLink Center for Health Equity and Place

Maximizing Walkability, Diversity, and Educational Equity in U.S. Schools

Walking and bicycling to school is an important way for children to get exercise and a valuable tool in the battle against childhood obesity.  But fewer schools are walkable than in the past, and strategies for promoting walkable schools cannot be considered without taking into account a stark fact: high levels of neighborhood segregation leave many children from lower-income families in segregated schools, with often dire educational consequences.  Are diversity, educational equity, and walkability compatible?  This new report, drawn from a national dialogue among leaders in health and public education, with accompanying research, answers the question in the affirmative.  It also outlines the factors that determine how and where schools get built for different populations, and proposes action steps for promoting diverse, walkable, high quality schools for all children.

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Center for Infrastructure Equity

Community Engagement Guide for Sustainable Communties

For the 143 communities and regions engaged in planning for a prosperous future, the Sustainable Communities Initiative is a game--‐changing opportunity. By bringing together diverse and disparate interests while developing new leaders, Sustainable Communities is seeding an opportunity for regions and communities to craft an authentic vision for an equitable and prosperous future.

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