An Equity Profile of Kansas City Region


The Equity Profiles inform planning, policymaking, and community action in regions and states. Download the summary here.

Find other equity profiles here.

A Guide to Setting Up Congressional Site Visits


This guide outlines the process for undertaking a site visit with your Senators and Representatives to show them the good work of your Promise Neighborhood.

Transforming Community Development with Land Information Systems


Describes how pioneering organizations and partnerships are turning robust, integrated parcel data systems into powerful tools for guiding community change, such as monitoring and preserving affordable housing and planning commercial district revitalization.

Transforming Community Development through Arts and Culture


The issue highlights how community development that infuses arts and cultural strategies helps residents reclaim community identity, strengthen cultural resilience, and build power—all key components of achieving equitable community development outcomes. It also explores changes and practices to the field of creative placemaking and provides new deep dives, perspectives, and analysis on the implications of this work for broad equitable development goals. Read the full issue here.

The issue features research and documentation from ArtPlace America’s Community Development Investments (CDI) program. The CDI program was a significant three-year investment of resources and technical assistance in six community development organizations who had not previously worked with the arts and culture sector. These investments have yielded valuable insights and lessons for a wide range of fields of practice, from affordable housing development to parks stewardship, from the social practice of art to youth development, from community organizing to public health. With new tools and ways of thinking, imagining, and acting, they have helped residents own and express the identity of their communities, build cultural resilience, and change the ways in which neighborhood planning is carried out.

Read more about the issue on the National Endowment for the Arts’s Art Works Blog or watch video from a release event held at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Moving from Engaging to Organizing with Arts and Culture Strategies


This is the third in a series of briefs that describe the changes, insights, and lessons when arts and cultural strategies are deployed in service of comprehensive community development and planning. During ArtPlace America's Community Development Investments initiative, six participating organizations which had not previously focused on the arts developed creative placemaking projects and cultural strategies that could help them more effectively achieve their missions. PolicyLink conducted a research and documentation project to measure the progress, immediate outcomes, and impacts of those projects.

This brief examines how community developers working with artists created innovative ways of organizing residents and building power for policy change.