Equity Summit

August 26-28, 2024

Registration Open!

To realize the promise of equity, every policy and investment must provide significant, sustained support to the people hurting most; and serve as a bridge to creating an equitable economy, an inclusive and compassionate society, and a strong, accountable democracy.

Our Work

Through the approach of Lifting Up What Works, our programmatic initiatives are organized within three interlocking, mutually reinforcing areas of work.  Through these initiatives, we advance policies to enable everyone to participate in an equitable economy, live in a community of opportunity, and thrive in a just society.

Equity in Partnerships

The first line in the Equity Manifesto states, "It begins by joining together, believing in the potency of inclusion, and building from a common bond."  We invite you to use the the data, research, and resources highlighted across our various websites — done in partnership with a myriad of stakeholders — to build an equitable economy, healthy communities of opportunity, and a just society.