Federal Policy

This is our moment. Over the past few years, a historic groundswell of activism in communities across the country has energized people who have taken to the streets to resist injustice and demand more of our leaders. This movement fueled a shift in the political winds in Washington, and more than ever a new world is possible. 

But certain electoral outcomes were never the end goal. We must remain steadfast in our fight for advancing racial and economic justice, continue to invest in building people power, and hold new leadership accountable. As the challenges mount and the opposition stiffens, the ambitions of the equity movement must soar, not shrink. We need the new Congress and administration to be bold and act swiftly to put our country on a better path. 

Over the First 100 Days of the Biden Administration, we are calling on executive and Congressional leaders to advance a new vision for justicehousing as a basic needguaranteed jobswater as a human right, and begin transforming our institutions to create a more equitable government