Federal Policy

2020 has been like no other year in recent memory. This year has been marked by tragedy, selfless acts from neighbors and frontline workers, global protests, and historic wins. Through it all, we have been able to count on the relentless dedication of grassroots organizers across our nation, who have achieved policy wins in cities across the country to make our communities safer, and turned the political tide in states like Arizona and Georgia against all odds. 

The results of the election further revealed that the majority of the country wants our leaders to govern in a different way. Built on the momentum of a movement, these wins are a mandate for a new path forward. The critical work of our generation is to reshape our democracy and economy to be just and fair, which requires remaking our institutions to serve a multiracial democracy.

PolicyLink is proud to support movement leaders and coalitions in this work, and are calling on the new administration to affirm water as a human right, housing as a basic need, jobs as a guarantee, and a new vision for justice that addresses the harmful impacts of the 1994 Crime Bill.  We must use our best thinking and creativity, set far-reaching goals, and build unlikely alliances to push those ideas forward. This is how we win.

Resources to Build an Equitable Nation