The Bay Area Atlas: A Data and Analysis Tool

The Bay Area Equity Atlas is a tool for community leaders seeking to create a more equitable, sustainable, and resilient region. Robust, disaggregated data is critical to informing action strategies for equitable growth. Despite the rich data and technology resources in the Bay Area, community leaders have lacked access to the data they need to drive solutions forward. The Bay Area Equity Atlas aims to fill this gap.

PolicyLink, PERE, and the San Francisco Foundation built the Atlas to accomplish the following goals:

  • Build a shared understanding about the importance of equity to the region’s future.
  • Provide a set of powerful equity metrics that are disaggregated by race and other demographics to support more informed decision-making.
  • Inform solutions for equitable growth by sharing effective and promising strategies.
  • Democratize data and make data more accessible.
  • Increase the capacity of change-makers and advocates to use data to advance policy solutions.

For more information visit the Bay Area Equity Atlas.