Winning on Equity

PolicyLink is proud to lead the Winning on Equity™ campaign. 

As equity becomes the beacon for the nation, we must confront the reality that Winning on Equity™ requires addressing the structural, political, and cultural barriers that have held back the nation from its founding. And, just as PolicyLink ignited the racial equity movement 20 years ago, PolicyLink is now leading with a national, shared, structural change policy agenda to redesign the nation so that it works for all and realizes the promise of equity. 

Designing a nation that works for all PolicyLink is advancing Winning on Equity™ — a massive, cross-sector, nation-building framework and advocacy campaign, strategically linking movement leaders, government agencies, and corporate power to redesign the legal and regulatory structures of the nation so that it works for all. 

Driven by three big ideas 
This 20+ year institutional, policy, systems, and place-based change initiative is driven by three big ideas to ensure that all people and communities — especially those facing the burdens of structural racism — thrive in an equitable economy and a multiracial democracy. 

  • Movement leaders and their institutions are aligned and focused on achieving structural reforms through collective action. 
  • Government at all levels must become antiracist. 
  • Corporations must themselves become equitable, then champion racial equity far beyond their sector. 

Delivering transformative results
This transformed landscape will facilitate the game-changing policy wins required to:

  • Usher in a flourishing multiracial democracy, inclusive of diverse and antiracist governments, voting rights, and protected electoral practices. 
  • Create an equitable economy in which people of color have good jobs, dignified and rising standards of living, and increased voice, power, and ownership. 
  • Build thriving communities where children and families of color can prosper through equitable infrastructure, affordable housing, quality education, antiracist human services delivery, healthy water and food, and community safety.