Equitable Food Hubs - Equitable Development Toolkit


Describes food hubs as an emerging retail strategy that has the potential to create a more equitable food system. (2014)

Partnership for Sustainable Communities: Five Years of Learning from Communities and Coordinating Federal Investments


In celebration of the fifth anniversary of the Partnership for Sustainable Communities, HUD, DOT, and EPA released their five year annual report. This report shows how the three agencies are changing their policies and removing barriers to help communities provide more housing choices, make transportation systems more efficient and reliable, and create vibrant neighborhoods while protecting the environment.

Advancing Environmental Justice through Sustainability Planning (Full Report)


Explains why addressing environmental justice (EJ) is a key aspect of creating sustainable regions, and presents ways in which those involved in local and regional planning can achieve EJ in their communities.

Community Engagement Guide for Sustainable Communities


Describes the Sustainable Communities Initiative, where communities are catalyzing new networks of relationships, finding new problem-solving methods, and creating new inclusive decision-making tables to craft an authentic vision for an equitable and prosperous future.

Building Economic Resilience: Integrated Planning and Investment Grants