Vanice Dunn

Vice President of Communications


Vanice Dunn, Vice President of Communications, guides the evolution of the PolicyLink brand identity and communications strategy. She leads the organization into its critical responsibility and power as framers; framing issues expansively enough to illustrate the possibilities of a future where we all belong and thrive. True to the PolicyLink approach, Vanice brings a different type of sensibility to her communications work. An admirer of visionary fiction, illustration, and the types of creative that inspire dreams, she believes in the power of story to lift up what works. Leading a team of brilliant strategists, Vanice is honored to collaborate with the many assets of the organization — from platforms to partners — to craft strategies and campaigns that pave the way for a new narrative that dismantles the dominant narrative of the status quo. A new world is possible and Vanice is confident PolicyLink and its partners will lead the way. Vanice is in constant pursuit of joy, whether it’s in a new pair of kicks or a remix of a favorite song.

To reach Vanice, please use the PolicyLink Contact form and state the reason for your inquiry. Thank you!