Judith Dangerfield

Managing Director of the Racial Equity Governing Agenda


Judith Dangerfield, Managing Director of the Racial Equity Governing Agenda, is building the coalition, tools, and rules necessary to make possible a liberating, multiracial democracy in which antiracist governments and equitable governing structures protect human, social, environmental, spatial, and political rights — and advance the power and well-being of all people in all places. Along with her team, Judith is establishing landmark equity standards and guidelines into the design of federal, state, and local policies and programs to ensure that public resources maximize the public good. A nationally respected leader with over 25 years of experience in racial and spatial equity, Judith has led efforts inside and outside government to maximize government spending and promote racial wealth equity; conduct environmental justice research and reshape major infrastructure development projects; and monitor police consent decrees to ensure the safety of Black and brown communities. She holds a Master of Science in Community Economic Development from Southern New Hampshire University and is a candidate for a PhD in Urban Studies from the University of New Orleans.

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