Lupe Garcia


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Lupe Garcia, coordinator, supports several project teams across PolicyLink, including the Arts, Culture, & Equitable Development; Housing; and Water Equity & Climate Resilience teams. Lupe applies her public health training towards the interconnectedness of climate justice, housing, and cultural strategy. In her role, she supports the communications, coordination, and convening of movement building leaders across the nation who are working to distribute power equitably and transform our economic, social, and political systems. Before joining PolicyLink, Lupe applied her mixed-methods research skills towards supporting a variation of research and evaluation projects as a consultant with government and nonprofit agencies across the behavioral health, justice, and human health services systems in California. Lupe holds a BA in Public Health and a minor in public policy from the University of California, Berkeley. She has a love for creative self-expression and joy-making including poetry, music production, and fashion – especially those curated by women of color.

To reach Lupe, please use the PolicyLink Contact form and state the reason for your inquiry. Thank you!