Nina Rosenblatt


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Nina Rosenblatt, Coordinator, works closely with the housing and infrastructure teams to assist with project management, operations, and research that is grounded in the lived experiences of community members and grassroots partners across the nation. She brings her experience in capacity building and community organizing for housing justice throughout California and beyond. She has created toolkits, trainings, systems, and more to expand knowledge of tenants’ protections and implement collective care practices alongside organizers, policy advocates, and community members alike. She was born and raised just south of San Francisco, California, where she witnessed widespread displacement that propelled her into the fight for housing justice. Nina holds a BA in psychology and a minor in Hispanic Studies from Brandeis University. In her free time, Nina enjoys testing out new recipes in the kitchen, practicing meditation, dancing Zumba and bachata, exploring nature, and pushing for the end of carceral systems.