The Marguerite Casey Foundation Releases the 2016 National Family Platform

Today, the Marguerite Casey Foundation has released its updated Equal Voice National Family Platform – a call to the country’s leaders to take a comprehensive – rather than piece-by-piece – policy approach to the challenges families face.

The Foundation asked about 50,000 families to weigh in about the issues that matter most to them. These concerns and goals informed the platform, a vision of a just and equitable future for all Americans. The campaign has a goal of achieving a true Day of Equity, a day when all families have an equal voice in the policies that influence our daily lives. From the Casey Foundation:

Since the last edition of the National Family Platform in 2012, families have expressed increased concern around two key issues. This year, we're adding two new planks to the National Family Platform with these goals in mind:

  1. End predatory lending practices that hinder our economy and leave families in an insurmountable debt trap.
  2. Restore and protect voting rights, especially for individuals with past criminal convictions. All eligible voters should have an equal voice in our democracy.

PolicyLink is proud to support the National Family Platform, and to have worked with the foundation and its grantees to draft and reinforce 13 of its policy planks as issue briefs.


Alexis Stephens
Alexis Stephens