Midterm Election Round-up

Ballots are in, and voters showed overwhelming support for measures to build a more equitable economy this election season.

Here’s the quick round-up of the victories:

  • Minimum wage increases passed in every city and state – including Arkansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Alaska, and San Francisco and Oakland, California – as did Massachusetts’ paid sick leave initiative.
  • California’s Proposition 47 passed with overwhelming support, reducing prison sentences and redirecting the costs of incarceration into important education and reentry programs. Read more about this important victory.
  • Voters in Clayton County, Georgia, passed an important sales tax to bring mass transit back for low-income residents.
  • Illinois voters passed a state amendment protecting the right to vote.

However, several important measures failed to pass, including Oregon’s measure to create a state investment fund for low-income college students, San Francisco’s tax on housing speculation, and Connecticut’s measure expanding early voting.

Read our earlier story on these ballot measures.

Thank you to everyone who voted, and to the countless volunteers who helped get these measures passed. Today, we celebrate the victories. Tomorrow, we continue on the long road for a more just, fair, and inclusive economy.