We, along with our partners and the broad-based movement for equity, are aligned in our collective advocacies and congressional demands (illustrated below). Today, tomorrow, and far into the future, we will continue to push for equitable policy change that enables everyone to participate in an equitable economy, live in a community of opportunity, and thrive in a just society. 

ACT NOW: Invest in Communities Over Police, Urge the Senate to Take Action on the HEROES Act

We are witnessing an uprising across all 50 states in response to state-sanctioned violence against Black people. Undergirding this mass mobilization is long festering anger over the failure of our leaders to address rising racial and economic inequality, record unemployment, and over 115,000 lives lost due to the botched response to the coronavirus pandemic.

ACT NOW: HEROES ACT: Demand Safe & Affordable Water from the Senate Now

The link between public health and clean water could not be more clear. Due to deferred maintenance and underinvestment in American and tribal water and wastewater systems, as many as a third of Americans face unaffordable water bills. While Congress has taken some important initial steps, the relief packages so far have not invested enough towards public health and water.

A Green Stimulus to Rebuild Our Economy

We need a massive #GreenStimulus to put millions of Americans back to work. "Many other groups are focused on the emergency stimulus package to stabilize our economy, on preventing harm in an equitable way — which we fully support — so this letter focuses on the longer-term challenge of jumpstarting economic recovery and transitioning to a more sustainable economy. The question isn’t whether we will next need a major economic recovery stimulus, but what kind of stimulus should we pursue? Climate and social policy experts in academia and civil society, have developed a menu of solutions that would collectively comprise a Green Stimulus." Read the Open Letter and Call to Action to Members of Congress. 

Housing is a Human Right 

U.S. Representatives Pramila Jayapal (D-WA), Co-Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC), and Grace Meng (D-NY) led a coalition of progressive lawmakers and organizations to introduce the Housing is a Human Right Act. The legislation would authorize more than $200 billion in federal spending over 10 years for crucial housing infrastructure and will reduce homelessness.

This bill invests federal resources in existing programs that have been shown to successfully address and reduce homelessness; creates new programs to invest resources in crucial infrastructure to address homelessness; raises revenue for homelessness-related services and housing while addressing root causes of homelessness; incentivizes cities and states to invest in resources and support rather than criminalizing people who do not have homes; improves the federal government’s ability to support people experiencing homelessness to replace key personal documents; and ensures that people experiencing homelessness and housing instability can participate in the decisions that impact their lives and can vote. Read the press release from the Office of Representative Pramila Jayapal

Housing Justice: A Homes Guarantee Now

We always needed a #HomesGuarantee, but this moment shows us how universal and urgent that need is. Public health experts have made it clear that guaranteed homes for all is an essential part of ending the COVID-19 pandemic. Grassroots leaders from around the country, along with various stakeholders, demand that the federal government authorize policies that include eviction moratoriam; homes and services for people currently experiencing homelessness; $2000 emergency cash assistance for all people immediately; and a just, green transition post the pandemic. Read the full list of demands and the Housing Justice Platform for a Homes Guarantee.

Message from Over 100 Voting Rights Groups: Elections Must Proceed While States Protect Public Health 

The current Coronavirus pandemic presents tremendous challenges to local authorities as they plan for upcoming primary elections — challenges that we are confident they can meet. We all agree that the safety and health of the public is paramount, but steps can and must be taken to protect voters and poll workers while also ensuring that the democratic process marches ahead. View the full statement at

Government Response to the Corona Virus Must Include Immigrants and Refugees 

"The current Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is not just a public health emergency, it’s an economic crisis, and both will disproportionately impact the most vulnerable among us. As COVID-19 continues to take its toll, we must protect our local communities as they confront and attempt to mitigate its impacts, especially healthcare workers and vulnerable populations. The response must center and support marginalized communities who are already feeling the devastating economic impact of this pandemic, especially workers who are earning low wages and are one paycheck away from crisis, including individuals with disabilities and other special needs." View the full statement and add your name.

Emergency Assistance for Public Transit Agencies 

"Due to the economic slowdown brought on by the spread of the novel coronavirus, many sectors of our economy are in need of financial support. Social distancing and reduced demand for certain public services are having, and will continue to have, a negative impact on many agency operating budgets, including public transit."

"We strongly urge Congress to provide public transit agencies with at least $12.875 billion in immediate direct financial assistance to ensure the continuation of safe and reliable service, including when the public health crisis has subsided but agency budgets are still experiencing strain." View the full statement and list of signers, on the Transportation for America website.

Housing Now Letter to California Delegation

In response to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, Housing Now and over 80 organizations call on Senator Pelosi and the California delegation for a funding request of $70 billion from the federal stimulus package for deeply affordable housing and immediate shelter in response to COVID-19. This request includes funding for the three “P”s of housing: Protection and immediate response for people without roofs now, Production at the needed income levels, and Preservation through purchase and community ownership. View the full statement and list of signers.


Protect the Stability of Millions of Californians

The full extent of the public health impact of COVID-19 is still unknown. But we know for certain that millions of Californians are facing economic uncertainty and housing instability because of the #CoronaCrisis.  PolicyLink, as part of a statewide coalition of more than 140 organizations, submitted a letter to Governor Newsom about the fallout from the coronavirus crisis, calling on him to implement urgent actions to protect homeowners, renters, and our neighbors who are chronically unhoused. Read the letter to Governor Newsom. Also, if you're in California, join us to urge Governor Newsom to take urgent action now. The stability of millions of Californians is at stake!

Protect the Lives of People Impacted by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

PolicyLink, as part of a coalition of more than 20 California justice organizations, sent a letter to Governor Newsom imploring him to take immediate steps to reduce the spread of Covid-19 in state prisons and the surrounding communities. Read more at The Justice Collaborative.