Our Future: The Leading Edge of the Equity Movement

To realize the full power of equity, we must push beyond reform to transformation. Rapidly changing dynamics within the realms of technology, work, politics, and the environment provide the opportunity and the imperative for advocates to shape America’s future and claim the 21st century for equity. At the same time, the future of the equity movement will be forged in the dismantling of outdated and oppressive structures that hold the nation back, and the radical reimagining of systems that foster inclusion, ownership, and shared prosperity. In this plenary, speakers will map the leading edge of the equity movement in light of ongoing innovation, transition, and challenge across sectors.
Speakers: Ai-jen Poo, @aijenpoo; Carmen Rojas, @crojasphd; Charlene Carruthers, @CharleneCac; Derrick Johnson, @DerrickNAACP;  Lata Reddy, @latareddy; Michael McAfee, @mikemcafee06; Rip Rapson, @RipRapson; Tara Houska, @zhaabowekwe