Our Nation: Transformative Solidarity in a Divided Nation

Our fates are inextricably linked. Solidarity across social movements, cultures, races, and ethnicities is the antidote to oppression, hate, and racism. Equity is the surest path to realizing the nation's best potential by unlocking avenues for collaboration and mutual understanding. This plenary will explore the urgent task of forging complex coalitions in an era of political turmoil. How can we build on the success of past activists, while remaining cognizant of the new and challenging demands of the future.
Speakers: Carmen Perez, @msladyjustice1Deepa Iyer, @dviyer; john powell, @profjohnapowell; Lori Pourier, @lplakotaManuel Pastor, @Prof_MPastorMichael Tubbs, @MichaelDTubbsTiq Milan, @TheMrMilanVanessa Moses, @vjmwest1