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From San Francisco, California to Flint, Michigan, the nation is facing an escalating housing crisis. Skyrocketing rents, inadequate infrastructure, and stagnant wages have deep implications on both the prosperity and the health of families. With the housing market failing to serve the vast majority of Americans, PolicyLink and The Kresge Foundation partnered to develop a new equity framework that highlights how the confluence of health and housing can potentially drive better outcomes in both fields. The groundbreaking report, "Healthy Communities of Opportunity: An Equity Blueprint to Address America’s Housing Challenges," weaves together insights from health, housing, and economic security to outline a case for progressive, equity-focused policy. This webinar, hosted by PolicyLink and The Kresge Foundation, discusses post-recession housing challenges facing households in America, and the housing policy priorities that would create smarter, healthier, resilient, inclusive communities. The webinar featured national leaders focused on how thoughtful, coordinated investments can shape the next generation of healthy communities.

Webinar presenters included:

  • David Fukuzawa, Managing Director of The Kresge Foundation’s Health and Human Services Programs
  • Kalima Rose and Teddy Kỳ-Nam Miller, Senior Director and Senior Associate of the PolicyLink Center for Infrastructure Equity and co-authors of Healthy Communities of Opportunity
  • Lisa Bates, Associate Professor of Urban Studies and Planning, Portland State University
  • Gail Latimore, Executive Director, Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corp