Corporations Must Act on the Movement's Demands

We are pleased to share our latest op-ed published in the New York TimesBanks Should Face History and Pay Reparations. Angela and I have called on CEOs to use their power to repair the damage and heal the wounds of racism and oppression. For decades they have bent the nation’s legal and regulatory systems to their will, for their benefit. Their outsized influence has warped our democracy and their lobbying successes have sent inequality skyrocketing, cemented structural racism, and left more than 100 million Americans, disproportionately Black, to live in or near poverty with little chance their children will do better.

While federal reparations policy is unlikely to come anytime soon, banks and financial institutions don’t have to wait. They can start now and model reparations for the nation.

As the rising tide of racial equity reaches the shores of corporate America, what would you like to see CEOs and corporations do to end systemic racism and advance racial equity?

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In solidarity,

Michael McAfee