November 2018: Understanding the Equity Impacts of California Statewide Ballot Measures

Recorded on Tuesday, October 16, 2018 

This November 6, Californians will vote on several ballot measures that could have far reaching implications for equity in California. Please join us to learn how Propositions 1 (Veterans and Affordable Housing Act), 2 (No Place Like Home), 3 (Water Supply and Water Quality Act), 5 (Property Tax Transfer Initiative), and 10 (Affordable Housing Act) could help or harm the state's low-income communities and communities of color.


  • Tyrone Buckley, Policy Director, Housing California
  • Phoebe Seaton, Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability
  • Christina Livingston, Executive Director, ACCE
  • Edgar Beltran, Policy and Research Associate, California Calls
  • Chione Flegal, Managing Director, PolicyLink