California Progressive Voter Salon

October 1, 2020
12:00 - 1:00 pm PT / 3:00 - 4:00 pm ET

This fall California voters will be considering several important ballot initiatives that will have a profound impact on our State's future. The choices voters make will determine whether we are able to substantively address long standing inequities and truly create a California where all people can thrive or whether we further entrench policies and systems that disproportionately harm low-income people and people of color while letting corporations profit at the expense of our communities. To help our partners better understand this year's ballot, PolicyLink, Smart Justice California, and the California League of Conservation Voters will be hosting a webinar for our partners.

This webinar includes a great set of speakers sharing information about the propositions, explaining how they will impact California's diverse communities, and providing some ideas for how to get involved.

Featured Speakers:


  • Regina Banks, Lutheran Office of Public Policy (Moderator)

  • Veronica Carrizales, California Calls - Yes on 15 (Schools and Communities First)

  • Nicole Derse and Walter Wilson, Yes on Prop 16 - Yes on 16 (Opportunity for All)

  • Greg Fidell and Niki Martinez, Initiate Justice - Yes on 17 (Restore Voting Rights)

  • Melissa Romero, California League of Conservation Voters - Yes on 18 (Youth Vote)

  • Lizzie Buchen, ACLU of Northern California - No on Prop 20 (Rolling Back Criminal Legal System Reform) 

  • Francisco Dueñas, Housing Now! - Yes on Prop 21 (Allowing Local Rent Control)

  • Evan McLaughlin, No on Prop 22 - No on 22 (Eliminating Protection for App- Based Workers)

  • Suzanne Jimenez, SEIU -UHW - Yes on Prop 23 (Protecting Dialysis Patients)

  • Jacob Snow, ACLU of Northern California - No on 24 (Weakening Privacy Protections)