Equity Summit 2024: Save the Date!

As the world has gone through monumental shifts in the past few years, we are grateful to have the opportunity to bring together our partners and friends, new and old, to commune together at our 2024 Equity Summit in Atlanta, Georgia, from August 26 - 28

This year’s Summit, A Revolution of the Soul, is more than just an event. It's a powerful call to action, inviting you to join us in activating the individual and collective soul needed to demand and create a nation that works for all. This Summit marks a pivotal moment in our journey as we honor our past and shape our future. We're not just envisioning a better future; we are actively constructing it. This Summit is a seed we will nurture to foster the future we desire, a place where love and soul are not just whispered in quiet corners but are the loud, beating heart of our discourse and action. 

Soul work requires a different enabling environment than a traditional conference, so this Summit will feel distinct — not just in content but in experience. Beginning on Day 1, Monday, August 26, we invite attendees to join Soul Day. The day will focus on immersive experiences, creating space for people to transition from their daily routines and open their hearts and minds for the coming days. Experiences will range from yoga to art therapy to hiking to a cooking class — giving attendees a variety of modalities to choose from as they prepare for a deeply engaging, connecting shared experience. 

Day 2 and 3 will offer a combination of mainstage plenaries, large-forum conversations, interactive workshops, and curated caucuses, moving through the arc of unpacking the robust concepts of love and soul that animate our work to seeing how those concepts are applied to policy at a federal, state, and local level, as well as the playbooks, strategies, and tools for the field. 

As we work to create a space where people can explore these deep and meaningful topics, attendees must be willing to bring curiosity, openness, and, most importantly, love to the space. When we say love, we mean a way of being in relation to others and to the world that requires honesty, humility, deep self-reflection, and a willingness to see people in the fullness of their humanity and take the risk of interlocking your well-being to theirs. We believe love is the only way to win. Our task, and the task we are asking our attendees to join us in, is to create within and between us the fertile ground to nourish, cultivate, and grow another world — by and for all of us.

Due to the intimate nature of this Summit, seating is necessarily limited. This means we will only be able to open tickets for 2,000 attendees. If this Summit is an experience you don't want to miss, we encourage you to secure your registration promptly once it opens at the end of June. Our ticket pricing structure is as follows: $500 per person for attendees unaffiliated with an organization, $500 per person for attendees from organizations with a budget up to $10 million, $750 per person for attendees from organizations with a budget between $10 million and $15 million, and $1,000 per person for attendees from organizations with a budget of $15 million or above.

Stay tuned to your email and our social media channels. We will send an announcement before we open registration in the last week of June, so you can set your calendars accordingly. If this Summit resonates with your individual or organizational journey, we hope to see you there. Let's embark on this revolutionary journey together, shaping a future where love and soul guide our collective path.

Summit History

Launched in partnership with the Funders' Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities, the PolicyLink Summit was founded as the first national convening to position equity, the environment, and the economy on equal footing. In turn, the Summits have garnered a reputation as the touchstones of the equity movement. The six prior national summits defined the leading edge of practice, policy, and research over the last 20 years. 

  • 2018: Chicago – "Our Power. Our Future. Our Nation." (+3000 attendees); Summit Photo Essay, Plenaries, and Agenda

  • 2015: Los Angeles – "All in for Inclusion, Justice, and Prosperity" (3,000 attendees)

  • 2011: Detroit – "Healthy Communities, Strong Regions, A Prosperous America" (2,500 attendees)

  • 2008: New Orleans – "Regional Equity 08: The Third National Summit on Equitable Development, Social Justice, and Smart Growth" (1,800 attendees)
  • 2005: Philadelphia  – "Advancing Regional Equity: The Second National Summit on Equitable Development, Social Justice, and Smart Growth" (1,200 attendees)

  • 2002: Los Angeles – "Promoting Regional Equity: A National Summit on Equitable Development, Social Justice, and Smart Growth" (650 attendees)