Housing Justice on the Ballot: Growing the Movement through Electoral Victories Webinar Series

More and more, we are seeing voters play a leading role in changing the housing landscape to create the housing futures we want. Tenants, homeowners, and neighbors are tired of waiting for radical change, and elected officials often face political barriers to achieving their housing policy goals of strengthening tenant protections or investing meaningfully in affordable housing. Ballot initiatives have been a long-standing, and increasingly utilized tool for all of us to come together and advance the housing solutions we know will work to transform our housing system. 

Ballot initiatives are never won by one organization, sector or funder. If anything, they require more collaboration and shared leadership than any other effort we pursue collectively. Join PolicyLink as we explore the successes and challenges of ballot initiatives from the perspective of key partners in the work, such as grassroots organizers and advocacy allies, policymakers and government officials, and funders. Together, we will learn from completed and ongoing campaigns that used the ballot initiative process to shift housing narratives, build power, and advance racial equity.