Breaking Barriers Through the Ballot

In the upcoming election, Californians will have the opportunity to learn about two ballot measures with a significant impact on boys and men of color, their families, and communities. The first – Voting Restoration and Democracy Act of 2018 – would eliminate existing restrictions on preregistering to vote, registering to vote, and voting by persons while they are in prison or on parole for the conviction of the felony. Should this initiative pass, 162,000 Californians impacted by incarceration would have their voting rights restored. California would join states like Maine and Vermont that recognize the importance of every voter's voice no matter their past mistakes and life challenges. The second – The People's Fair Sentencing and Public Safety Act of 2018 – would revise the current Three-Strikes law to exclude non-violent offenders from life sentences, eliminate provisions in the law that allows certain non-violent offenders to be incarcerated for life, and to stop the waste of billions of dollars spent keeping non-violent, rehabilitated people in prison for life. This webinar provides more information about the amazing opportunities these California ballot measures present to advance equity.

Featured Speakers:

  • Rosa Cabrera, Associate Director, PolicyLink and the Alliance for Boys and Men of Color (moderator)
  • Kevin "Bilal" Chatman, Ambassador, We the People Org, Inc.
  • Taina Vargas-Edmond, Founder/Executive Director, Initiate Justice