Redevelopment and new investments in a community can revitalize the landscape, improving transit and other public infrastructure and spurring new economic opportunities. By adopting an equitable economic development approach, planners, policymakers, and local residents can work together to ensure that these efforts serve the needs of low-income communities and communities of color. Equity strategies that integrate place-based and people-focused approaches can preserve the cultural character and assets of neighborhoods and expand access to affordable housing and transportation, fostering healthy communities of opportunity for all. Join us to hear about innovative strategies to advance equitable transit-oriented development and foster community-centered economic opportunities through commercial community land trusts. (New tools: Equitable transit-oriented development and commercial community land trusts).


  • Tracey Ross, PolicyLink (moderator)
  • Michael Miera, Urban Land Conservancy, Denver, CO
  • Julius Kimbrough, Crescent City CLT, New Orleans, LA