Arts-based Strategies for Organizing Communities and Strengthening their Social Fabric

Arts and culture strategies are a powerful tool for strengthening the social fabric of a community and offer innovative and creative ways of organizing people for equity-based policy change.

In a time when social distancing and a massive public health crisis are forcing us to rethink how we maintain and build connections among people as well as grass-roots power, we can learn from the experience of these organizations and the artists who are working with them.
This webinar features leaders of community-based organizations and the artists with whom they have partnered to hear the stories and learn the lessons from their local strategies and internal transformation. The webinar will be based in the four-year journeys and future plans of the Little Tokyo Service Center in downtown Los Angeles and the Southwest Minnesota Housing Partnership as well as the other organizations in ArtPlace America’s Community Development Investments (CDI) initiative. Their cultural strategies to address gentrification, the conditions faced by immigrants and other critical issues provide lessons for nonprofit housing developers, community development corporations, health services providers, park associations, and economic development agencies about how these new forms of organizing and community-building really work.