All-In Cities

Cities must lead the nation toward inclusive prosperity. As America undergoes a profound demographic shift amidst rising inequality, persistent racial inequities, and an economy being transformed by technology, equity—just and fair inclusion—is both a moral imperative and the path to a prosperous, inclusive new economy.

Cities—with their economic power, diversity, and policy innovation—can lead us forward. By embracing equity as a core operating principle and implementing policies and strategies to ensure that low-income people and communities of color can reach their full potential, cities can forge new models of equitable growth.

Launched in 2015, the All-In Cities initiative at PolicyLink and our underlying policy agenda equip city officials, community advocates, and civic leaders with policy ideas, data, and strategy support to build equitable, thriving cities for all. 

  • Policy research and development: We provide rigorous policy analysis to help coalitions and government leaders design policy solutions that deliver economic opportunity to those being left behind in the new economy.
  • All-In Cities Policy Toolkit: Our online resource lifts up specific, actionable policy tools, helps leaders navigate key policy considerations, and outlines where these policies are working to advance racial and economic equity. 
  • Data infrastructure: To support the All-In Cities initiative, we expanded the National Equity Atlas to include disaggregated data for the 100 largest cities.
  • Place-based engagements and field-building: Through place-based engagements and learning communities, we work hand in hand with local leaders inside and outside of government to accelerate their work. 

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