Financial Security

The notion that hard work will enable Americans to get ahead is a central tenet of the American dream, but families today need more than a paycheck to move up the economic ladder. They need financial assets—cash savings, stocks, bonds, and home and business equity—that enable them to invest in themselves and their children and contribute to a strong and growing economy. Such assets and savings are also key to closing the gaping racial wealth gap in America.

Despite this reality, half of Black and Latino families in America do not have $400 in savings to cover an emergency while still covering their other monthly bills.

The financial security team at PolicyLink works to lift up key programs and policies within five systems to help break the cycle of poverty — tax policy, financial services, justice, healthcare, and education. By reforming each of these systems, we can create and protect opportunities for families of color to climb out of poverty, and walk into prosperity.

The Federal Tax Code

The Financial Services Sector 

The Judicial (Justice) System

Healthcare Services and Coverage System

The Public Education System (K-12), and the Higher Education Finance System